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Signature Lunch & Dinner Rustic Loaves Catering (from $560 for 20pax)

Signature Lunch & Dinner Rustic Loaves Catering (from $560 for 20pax)

Decadent, sizeable and unpretentious meat platters featured on our lunch and dinner catering menu have won the hearts of many and satisfied voracious appetites. For the best catering experience, add on our signature grazing table, cheese platters or donut wall. Coupled with a bold, rustic catering display of wooden crates and boards decked out with stunning florals and lush foliage, an elevated dining experience awaits you and your guests!

What this menu includes:
• Choice of 1 Starter
• Choice of 1 Side
• Choice of 2 Rustic Loaves

Cold-Cut Ciabatta (egg-free)
beef salami, chicken ham, roasted peppers, cheese, fresh rocket, mayonnaise
- Beef Pastrami (egg-free)
beef pastrami, gherkins, rocket, roasted peppers, cheese, dijon mustard
Grilled Chicken Thigh Ciabatta (egg-free)
grilled chicken thigh, cheese, roasted peppers, fresh greens, mayonnaise
-Smoked Duck Ciabatta (egg-free)
smoked duck, cucumber, rocket, cheese, roasted peppers, hoisin sauce
- Mediterranean Ciabatta (vegetarian, egg-free)
fresh tomato, roasted peppers, cucumber, fresh rocket, cheese, savoury pesto
-Egg Truffle Wholemeal Sandwich (vegetarian)
egg filling, fresh rocket, mayonnaise, truffle oil

• Choice of 1 Dessert

Setup and delivery fees apply separately. Prices are before GST. For orders more than 100pax, kindly contact us at with your event details and order items for a quotation.

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